The Rasmus äntligen på Facebook

I dag skrev The Rasmus på MySpace att de äntligen har öppnat deras egna Facebook-sida, som Eero dessutom hoppas kunna uppdatera dagligen.

– ”Hello everyone!
I hope the spring is treating you all up here well, and that in the southern hemisphere the autumn is not too cold for you guys there..

We are back in the studio now, we had a practice today for the upcoming summer concerts. We’ll soon be back to recording in the studio, and i decided that i want to keep you all posted.. So we opened a facebook account to where i can send photos easily.
Please have patience with us, as we are known to be not so fast and grand in all things internet.

But anyways my goal is to send a pic a day, sometimes it’s not from studio or even not something connected with the band, but i promise at least i try to send a pic a day and one line of comment.

here’s the link, hope it works:

Lot of hugs to all of you!”

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